Welcome to www.fietsrouteplanner.eu. This website offers you the opportunity to find a long-distance cycle route anywhere in Europe, by combining several already existing local long-distance cycle routes. The only limitation of the planner is the existence of long distance cycle routes.


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Bicycle routes cover the whole European continent, and the most beautiful routes are often available through internet, via cycling guides or are even signposted along the road. Whether you want to cycle from Amsterdam to Sevilla or from Belfast to Tallinn, there is always a bike route that leads you (near) to your place of destination. Depending on your destination, you may have to combine several local long-distance cycle routes.

This cycle route planner helps you doing that. By using the cycle route planner for Europe you can easily find a route for your cycling holiday. The planner even gives you three suggestions to choose from.

How to use the planner:
1. Just drag the green flag to your point of departure.
2. Then drag the red flag to your desired place of destination.
3. Click on ‘bereken route’, to calculate the route.

The cycle route planner for Europe gives you a few possible routes on the left part of your browser. The first route-option is displayed on the map. By clicking on the different tabs on the left part, the other routes are displayed.

routeoptiesRoute-option 1: This is the most logical cycle route to use. It is a balance between the shortest route and the number of cycle-guides you have to buy to cycle this route.

Route-option 2: This is the shortest route. The planner will not count the number of cycle-guides to buy.

Route-option 3: This route-option reduces the number of cycle-guides to buy. This route will be (much) longer than others.

Cycling via road points (Via, tussenpunt invoegen)
The cycle route planner gives you the opportunity to plan your route via some other places. The planner calculates you a route from your point of departure, via the place(s) you selected, to your destination.


invoegenClick invoegen. A new field called ‘via’ will open. Here you can type your point between start and destination. Clicking wissen will delete your choice.



















Preferences (Zoekvoorkeuren)

To find your ideal cycle route, it is also possible to enter some preferences:
1. Talen (languages): First you can choose the language from the cycle routes: Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsch (German), English, Overig (other languages) . By choosing one or more languages the planner will try to use only cycle routes described in that language(s). Sometimes it is not possible. Than the planner will use also routes described in other languages.


zoekvoorkeuren2. Overige zoekvoorkeuren (Other preferences):
Here you can choose to make a search for signposted cycle routes and / or cycle routes with a gps-track available. Please mention that only 25% of the long-distance cycle routes used by the planner have a gps-track. 


Just enter one or both preferences, and the planner will try to make a route that takes your preferences into account. It can occur, however, that the planner advises for instance a route without signposting, when no signposted route is available.

The result
The planner gives you a few suggestions how to reach your destination via (already existing) bicycle routes. The cycle route planner does not give you an exact description. This means that you can not go for a tour with a printed route from this site. Information about the suggested cycling routes can be obtained by double-clicking on the links in the left part of the screen. You may want to use a tool to translate webpages to read this information in some kind of English (Choose ‘dutch to english’). 


At the map

Right at the top of the map a second menu will appear when opening the cycle planner. To help you using the planner correctly, I will give a short translation and explanation of the menu-items.


– plaats routepunt = place a road point
– zoom in = zoom in 🙂
– zoom uit = zoom out
– schuif kaart = move the map (it makes a little hand, just click on the map and move your mouse)
– gehele kaart = whole map (clicking it, will show you whole Europe)
– print kaart = print the map you are seeing at that moment
– help = go to the (dutch) FAQ
– contact = send me an e-mail


How to print the route
The route planner has two options to print. You can choose to print the left-screen (with information on the route), or to print the right screen (with the map).

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